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Interested in environmental giving?

Whether you are already funding environmental initiatives or would like to start, the Environmental Funders Network is here to support you.

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” -Lady Bird Johnson

The environment links with all aspects of our lives – our health, well-being, fresh air, food, water, energy and economic prosperity. Its wonders and diversity are not just magnificent backdrops for human activity, they are the wellspring for all life. Almost any social cause you might care about, from poverty alleviation to food security, migration to human rights, is entwined with environmental issues. Yet donations supporting the environment are estimated to represent just six per cent of total foundation giving in the UK1 and less than five per cent of public donations2. The solutions to environmental problems exist and enormous progress has been made in recent years, but if we are to reverse biodiversity loss, tackle climate change, restore our ecological systems and ensure a healthy future for our descendants, far more funding will be needed.

The Environmental Funders Network aims to increase the overall level of financial support for environmental causes and to help environmental philanthropy to be as effective as it can be. Over 150 foundations, family offices and high level individual donors take part in the network, and among our ranks are some of the most experienced and strategic philanthropists in Britain. They support each other, providing advice and sharing knowledge on the most efficient and results-orientated approaches to tackling environmental issues.

The Environmental Funders Network can help you by:–

  • giving you bespoke support to navigate the range of environmental issues, identify the causes and impacts that are important to you, and make your giving as effective as possible
  • connecting you to experienced environmental philanthropists who are already funding the areas you are interested in
  • providing forums for you to engage with a broad range of other environmental funders, and keep abreast of current issues and approaches to solving complex problems
  • providing resources to help you on your journey, including inspiration from other philanthropists, research into green grantmaking in the UK, and feedback from those on the frontline of environmental protection – the CEOs of environmental charities.

You might like to consider joining EFN’s Rapid Response Fund, to be able to quickly support impactful environmental initiatives that are seizing opportunities or responding to crises. It is not a pooled fund, simply a group of funders who are open to receiving applications that have been screened and then recommended by a group of reviewers. More information can be found here.

For more information, please contact Jane Cabutti:

1 ‘Where the Green Grants Went 8’, Environmental Funders Network, 2021.

2 Green Philanthropy, Bernard Mercer and New Philanthropy Capital, 2007.