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Passionate Collaboration

Passionate Collaboration? Taking the Pulse of the UK Environmental Sector
by Jon Cracknell, Florence Miller, and Harriet Williams

This 2013 report summarises the findings from the first ever survey of chief executives of UK non-profit environmental groups.  140 chief executives responded to the survey, with many of the UK’s leading environmental groups involved.  Highlights include:

* an overview of the income, staffing and membership numbers of UK environment groups

cover page picture* analysis of how income levels and income sources for the sector have changed in recent years

* the advantages of philanthropic capital relative to other sources of income for environmental work

* data on how environment group expenditure breaks down by geography, thematic issue, and approach, along with perspectives on the skill-sets and approaches most in need of additional resources

* a ranking of the UK environment groups that achieve the most relative to their resources, as seen by their peers, and by foundations funding the sector

* analysis of the strengths of the environment sector, and of the opportunities and challenges that it faces over the next three to five years

* perspectives on contentious issues including funding from corporations, direct action, and the challenge of redefining economic growth



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