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Environmental Impact Investing Group

Environmental impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable environmental impact alongside a financial return.

The Environmental Impact Investing Group (EIIG) exists to support trusts, foundations and individuals who wish to learn more about environmental impact investing and develop their work in this area.

Who can join?

Membership is open to trusts, foundations and individuals with investable assets as well as EFN members.

There are many different types of investment finance which can have a positive environmental impact. Trusts, foundations and individuals can have an important role in making a difference in this field.

What does the EIIG include?

1. A learning programme of around eight short online sessions in 2024

Inspiring speakers will cover a wide range of issues related to impact investment, including:

  • How foundation and individual investors can make an important difference through impact investing
  • Regulatory frameworks for impact investing
  • Different environmental impact investing opportunities such as community energy, food and farming, sustainable construction and the blue economy (marine environment).
  • Impact investment policy and governance, and talking to trustees about impact investing
  • Investment due diligence approaches
  • Managing and monitoring your investments
  • Collaborative investing

Upcoming sessions:

  • Session 5: Governance for environmental investing, Mon 10 Jun, 14:00–15:30
  • Session 6: Resourcing for Impact Investing, Tues 24 Sep, 14:00–15:30

2. Market Information Days (MIDs) throughout 2024

EIIG will organise three MIDs across 2024. MIDs a wide range of interesting environmental ventures will present. These will give those attending an invaluable chance to learn from different environmental impact investing opportunities. Our next Market Information Day will take place on Mon 8 July.

Discover details about upcoming MIDs and how to sign up.

3. A network for learning

By participating in the EIIG, participants will join a growing network of investors and potential investors with whom they can exchange ideas and learning.

At the end of 2024, EFN will review the EIIG and consider whether there’s a demand to continue this on a subscription basis.

What else do you need to know:

A commitment to learning: Members will get the most from our programme if they commit to coming to all the learning sessions. Content will build on previous learning. However, we will be recording sessions, and new members will be able to join as we go along.

Bring a +1. Participants are encouraged to bring a colleague or trustee along to EIIG events so they can learn together. Experience has shown clearly that having more than one person looking to do things differently within an institution makes success more likely.

Email updates on recorded sessions. Members will receive occasional update emails and have access to recorded online learning sessions.

How do I join?

Fill in this short form to join.