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Where the Green Grants Went 6

Where the Green Grants Went 6: Patterns of UK Funding for Environmental and Conservation Work
by Phil Murray, Jon Cracknell, Heather Godwin, and Katy Scholfield.

The sixth edition of Where the Green Grants Went provides the most comprehensive overview yet of grants to environmental initiatives from UK foundations, the National Lottery, and public sector funding programmes.  The report focuses on 5,857 grants from foundations and the lottery which together were worth £383 million across the two financial years 2010/11 and 2011/12.  Highlights include:Where the Green Grants Went 6 (cover)

  • detailed analysis of environmental grants from 180 foundations, with UK environmental philanthropy reaching £112 million in 2011/12, its highest ever level
  • insights into the types of funding most needed by environmental groups, and the comparative advantages of foundation grants relative to other income sources
  • perspectives from more than 100 chief executives on why they value philanthropic funding
  • interviews with four experienced environmental philanthropists
  • a list of the 100 environmental organisations receiving the most money from UK foundations
  • analysis of environmental grants from 31 lottery programmes, together worth £182.9 million across 2010/11 and 2011/12
  • an overview of public sector grants programmes, and top-level analysis of their thematic and geographic focus


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