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A Splendid Torch

A Splendid Torch: Interviews with Environmental Funders
Edited by Florence Miller, Phil Murray and Katy Scholfield (2014)

This collection of interviews with environmental funders provides ten vivid and varied illustrations of what motivates donors to give to environmental causes and how they ensure that their giving is as effective as it can be. Learn why experienced funders take risks (accepting that they may have failures), provide core funding to support the groups whose work they most value and often support the environmental organisations they think are most effective for years at a time.

Interviews with:A-Splendid-Torch-cover
*Harvey Jones, Pig Shed Trust
*Winsome McIntosh, McIntosh Foundation
*Frederick Mulder, Frederick Mulder Foundation
*Sarah Butler-Sloss, Ashden Trust
*Edward Whitley, Whitley Fund for Nature
*Jamie Arbib, Tellus Mater Foundation
*Jessica Sweidan, Synchronicity Earth
*Martin Stanley, Holly Hill Charitable Trust
*Kristian Parker, Oak Foundation
*Ben Goldsmith, JMG Foundation