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Where the Green Grants Went 7

How much money do UK foundations and lottery sources give away to support environmental causes every year?

Where is the money going: which environmental issues is it supporting, and where in the world?

Which organisations are most successful at fundraising? How many organisations received environmental funding over the four-year period?

Which are the foundations giving out the most funding to environmental causes?

And what would it take for funders to be able to give out more core, flexible and long-term funding — the kind of funding most prized by environmental groups?

In considering these questions and more, Where the Green Grants Went 7 provides a valuable resource for funders and environmental groups looking to hone their strategies. It examines over 13,000 grants awarded between the four-year period from 2012/13 to 2015/16, and provides insights from a survey into funders’ thinking around flexible and long-term funding.

Download the full report.