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Forces for Nature

Forces for Nature: Interviews with environmental funders
Edited by Jane Cabutti and Florence Miller (2017)

Forces for Nature‘ is a collection of 14 interviews with 15 remarkable individuals, each supporting environmental issues with different approaches. Learn their stories: how they came to do what they do, why they think the environmental crisis is fundamentally a crisis for humanity, what they are doing to respond and why they think new donors are vital if we are to meet the challenges we face.

Interviews with:

  • Jamie Arbib, Tellus Mater Foundation
  • Steve Baker, Pickwell Foundation
  • Sarah Butler-Sloss, Ashden Trust
  • Ben Goldsmith, JMG Foundation
  • Jeremy Grantham CBE, Grantham Foundation
  • Ian Gregg, OBE
  • Sir Chris Hohn, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
  • Dr. Kristian Parker, Oak Foundation
  • Dr. Lisbet Rausing, Arcadia
  • Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, EAT Foundation
  • Jessica Sweidan, Synchronicity Earth
  • Kris McDivitt Tompkins, Tompkins Conservation
  • Mike Velings and Amy Novogratz, Aqua-Spark
  • Jochen Zeitz, Zeitz Foundation