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Fundraising training 2: Find and build pandemic-busting corporate partnerships

With Ben Swart, Bright Spot, and Roxanne De Beaux, CamCycle

The full impact of coronavirus on the economy and your prospective corporate partners is still unknown. So how do you find out who to target, how to engage them, and how to secure them? Especially when we might not be their top priority and we’ve lost face to face meetings. Ben uses examples from both his own experience of winning £30million+ of corporate partnerships; and from coaching others to build sector leading partnerships.

This session aims to help you:

  • Understand who to target, how to approach them, and techniques to give you the best chance of engaging and securing them
  • Be able to meet more valuable companies despite losing physical meetings, find ways to frame your organisation, and secure time with your most valuable prospects
  • Know how to re-think your pipeline and build a proposition that gives most value to you and them

About the trainer – Ben Swart

Ben has been a fundraiser for twelve years. Most of that time has been in major giving, training and corporate fundraising, working with some of the best fundraisers in the sector.

He has been an associate with Bright Spot for 6 years. He is the co-trainer for the Corporate Mastery Programme and has coached over 100 corporate fundraisers from both large and small charities. He splits his time between Bright Spot and the NSPCC, where he is Head of New Business for Corporate Partnerships Fundraising. In the last five years, he and his team have secured more than £30m in partnerships income.



Resource pack

With thanks to the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation for making this training series possible