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Inspiring People: Forgotten Freshwater

Inspiring People: Forgotten Freshwater – an international perspective was recorded by the Environmental Funders Network as part of a series to highlight the vital role of philanthropy in solving environmental and climate issues, in this case freshwater conservation around the globe.

Fresh water sustains all life on earth and freshwater systems should be vibrant and full of life, yet there’s been an extraordinary loss of freshwater species across the globe. Why is this and why has freshwater conservation not caught the attention of more funders and philanthropists?

Catherine Bryan, Trustee of Synchronicity Earth and the Environmental Funders Network and Chair of Shoal’s Governing Council speaks to Brian Zimmerman, Director of Conservation and Science at Bristol Zoological Society and Co-Chair of IUCN Freshwater Fish Specialist Group; Mike Baltzer, Executive at Shoal; Monti Aguirre, Latin America Program Manager at International Rivers and (recorded separately) Tess Gatan-Balbas, Director at the Mabuwaya Foundation.