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Philanthropy Briefing: Women & the Environment

By Carolyn E. Kossow in association with the Environmental Funders NetworkPhilanthropy Briefing: Women & the Environment

EFN was delighted to work with Carolyn Kossow after she completed her Master’s degree in Gender Studies at the London School of Economics, and was keen to further explore the links between gender equality and the environment, and the role that philanthropy can play in supporting both causes. In addition the report provides case studies from around the globe, including Thailand, the United States, India, Guatemala, Canada and Madagascar, which underscore the effectiveness of examining environmental issues from a gendered perspective, and gender equality from an environmental point of view.

For philanthropists engaging in the environmental sector, we hope this will bring a nuanced, human perspective to the multitude of environmental issues we face today. For those supporting work to close the gender inequality gap, this briefing will demonstrate that funding for environmental projects is an effective way of bringing about this change. We want to encourage a wider demographic of funders to support projects at the nexus of gender and the environment.

Download the Philanthropy Briefing on Women & the Environment here.