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Inspiring People: Rewilding video and podcast

Inspiring People: Rewilding was recorded by the Environmental Funders Network as part of a series to highlight the vital role of philanthropy in solving environmental and climate issues.

In this episode, Ben Goldsmith, a committed and passionate environmental philanthropist who funds rewilding projects, speaks to Isabella Tree (Knepp Estate, author of ‘Wilding – the return of nature to a British farm’), Alastair Driver (conservationist, Director of Rewilding Britain), and Derek Gow (ecologist, reintroduction specialist, farmer). Their fascinating conversation weaves in the links to COVID-19 and climate change; iconic species such as the white stork, wolves and beavers; and the critical role for philanthropy in rewilding our landscapes.

To watch the video, please click here.

To listen to the podcast, please click here. Also available online at Spotify, or search for ‘Environmental Funders Network’ in your Apple podcast or Spotify app.

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