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Inspiring People: Plastics video and podcast

Inspiring People: Plastics (Single Use is Rubbish) was recorded by the Environmental Funders Network as part of a series to highlight the vital role of philanthropy in solving environmental and climate issues. In this episode, Julia Davies, environmental funder and the founder of We Have The Power, speaks to Louise Edge (Greenpeace), Jo Morley (City to Sea), Julian Kirby (Friends of the Earth) and Tanya Bascombe (European Outdoor Conservation Association). Their conversation includes startling facts about our use of single-use plastics, the impact of coronavirus on our consumption (negatives but also surprisingly some positives), and the fact that despite the scale of problem, it is solvable – and philanthropy has a vital role to play.

To watch the video, please click here.

To listen to the podcast, please click here. Also available online at Spotify, or search for ‘Environmental Funders Network’ in your Apple podcast or Spotify app.

For the other programmes in the Inspiring People series, please see our Resources page.

(Image credit and copyright: Fernando Podolski)