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Healthy Planet, Healthy People

The climate and nature crises are urgent and affect us all. So any funder or charity that wants to maximise its impact must engage with them and understand how they will affect the people and communities they serve. As this guide shows, one of the most profound links is between human health and climate change, with the most marginalised likely to be worst affected. If we don’t act on these challenges now, we will only embed inequalities further. We need to unleash the best of our philanthropy community, to use its agility and pace to support campaigners, researchers, and communities to drive faster action, and in doing so, improve the environment and the health of people around the world.

Dan Corry, New Philanthropy Capital

This philanthropy briefing is for funders (individual donors and funding organisations) as well as philanthropy advisors who want to better understand the links between human health and environmental issues, and what they can do to create positive benefits for both. It has been designed so funders can either read it as a whole or just focus on the challenges most relevant to them, and includes sections on why the intersection between the environment and health matters; environmental challenges and their health impacts; and how to take action. The briefing was kindly sponsored by CIFF, and was researched and written by New Philanthropy Capital as part of EFN’s Healthy Planet, Healthy People series.

Download the report here.