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Earth Legacy

Photo by Jairo Gonzalez

We are at a tipping point. Without concerted and radical action, the current trends of extreme weather, increasingly hostile living conditions, and ailing nature will accelerate.

But we are powerful. We can reverse these trends and heal the planet. We can fund environmental and climate action right now. We can gift and invest our money to create a better future, to take risks, to fund transformative solutions, to push for change, and show others that there is a way forward. Together we can create a future where our planet, and all who share it, are thriving.

Governments and businesses aren’t yet moving fast or decisively enough to protect us, and the planet we live on. But we can, and they will follow.

Join a movement of people who want a better future for the planet and have the means to make it happen. By 2025 let’s dramatically increase the number of people making significant donations so we can double the amount given to environmental solutions. We will come together to build a network of support so that the money can be used as quickly, effectively and smartly as possible.

Giving makes a difference but giving together is a superpower. Let’s use it to leave a legacy — for everyone.

Resources, information and connections

These organisations can give pro-bono support, advice and resources about environmental philanthropy, and connect you to other funders. They are all funded by environmental philanthropists, who recognise how overwhelming the environment may seem, and want to make it as easy as possible for foundations and individuals to start or develop their giving:

  • Environmental Funders Network is the UK-based network of foundations, family offices and individual donors supporting environmental causes. Please contact Jane Cabutti, for more information. We produce research and reports to inform environmental giving, and bring funders together to share information and learn from experts and one another (some of our previous meetings are here). 
  • The Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI) helps philanthropists get started by providing guidance on high-impact climate solutions and connections to peers and experts. [Ulla Erhardt,]
  • Impatience Earth: a team of climate and philanthropy experts providing advice to donors who are new to climate philanthropy and looking to commit £1 million to £10 million to addressing the climate crisis. [Jouja Maamri,]
  • Active Philanthropy: organises expeditions to Greenland to learn about the climate crisis and potential solutions, and supports philanthropists, donor families, and philanthropic organisations with strategy building and grant management services. [Felicitas von Peter,]

Responsible investing: DivestInvest is a diverse, global network of individuals and organisations using their collective influence as investors to divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions. [Sian Ferguson,]

The Funder Commitment on Climate Change is open to foundations working on all issues, not just environmental. It is based on the recognition that for all foundations, whatever their charitable mission and field of expertise, climate change is a serious risk to the pursuit of their aims, and can play a part in addressing the causes of climate change and supporting adaptation to its effects. [Joanna Pienkowska,]