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Photo Credits

Green forest landscape with trunks of trees covered with a moss
Image ID: 104773388
Copyright: Protasov AN

Power plant using renewable solar energy with sun
Image ID: 106124045
Copyright: Gencho Petkov

Young boy watering rows of vegetables in the family vegetable garden using a large blue plastic watering can
Image ID: 138963164
Copyright: Viacheslav Nikolae

Stubble, corn in a field by the setting sun
Image ID: 174153788
Copyright: Svend77

View of clouds and blue sky from high mountain
Image ID: 223495414
Copyright: lolya1988

The European badger also called Eurasian badger and is (or was) part of a controversial cull in the UK
Image ID: 220465027
Copyright: Edward Hasting-Evans

Bristol allotment
Image ID: 1393441
Copyright: Tim Large

Canoeist paddles past flooded pub. River Ouse, York, North Yorkshire, UK.
Image ID: 8978719
Editorial Credit: ronfromyork /
Copyright: ronfromyork

Wind turbines farm at sunset
Image ID: 65944045
Copyright: WDG Photo

Clean, quiet water stream in Purcaraccia canyon, Corsica, France
Image ID: 146222645
Copyright: salajean

Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps, ants. Known for their role in pollination and producing honey beeswax.
Image ID: 153314729
Copyright: Kjetil Kolbjornsrud

Colorful and foggy autumn forest
Image ID: 155488037
Copyright: S.Borisov

Garbage and wastes on the beach
Image ID: 155701844
Copyright: Fabien Monteil

Backdrop of ripening ears of yellow wheat field on the sunset
Image ID: 163044347
Copyright: Svend77

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK – OCTOBER 23: Row of double decker red buses waiting to depart on October 23, 2013 in London, England, UK
Image ID: 165301715
Editorial Credit: Claudio Divizia / Copyright: Claudio Divizia

Fish die due to water pollution / waste water
Image ID: 187956716
Copyright: wk1003mike

Shark and small fishes in ocean – nature background
Image ID: 228940147
Copyright: Tatiana Popova

Industrial port with containers
Image ID: 235029244
Copyright: hxdyl

Devotees return to central Dhaka after attending the final prayers of the first phase of Bishwa Ijtema
Sheng Li/Reuters

Many photos were considered for inclusion on this website. If we have used one and not credited the owner/agency above, please accept our sincere apologies. We would be very grateful if you could let us know and we will credit the photo(s) accordingly.